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Indianapolis' top real estate agents are at Carpenter, successfully selling more homes. Congratulations to the Carpenter Realtors® Sales Leaders for their hard work and efforts in 2014!

Top Sales Agent for 2014
Jennifer Blandford, Zionsville
(Jennifer was also #12 in the company for total listings)  

and the Top Ten

Jamie Hall, Brownsburg
(#7 in the company for total listings) 

Dale Hammond, Carmel
(#16 in the company for total listings) 

Team Royale
, Franklin
(#8 in the company in listings)

Karen Goodwine
, Bedford
(#4 in the company in listings)

Chris & Shari Dykes
, North College
(#20 in the company for total listings) 

Patsy Coffey
, Mooresville
(#6 in the company in listings)

Jada Sparks
, Anderson
(#1 in the company in listings)

Jeremy Page
, Zionsville

Grace Colette
, Zionsville

And we're also very proud of these other sales leaders for 2014. Congratulations!

Vicky & Josh Peters, Avon
Nancy Smith, Shelbyville
John Breck, Greenwood
Susie Sommer, Carmel
The Rumba Team, Greenwood
Connie Cooper, Greencastle
Durrett & Puckett Associates, South Meridian
Erica Faulkenberg, Plainfield
Sally Chamness, Crawfordsville
Cali Bridges / Jane Murray, Crawfordsville
Diana Dunham, Anderson
Kim Nash, Brownsburg
Debbie Cox, Mooresville
Adam Corya, North College
Vicky Speer, Bedford
Claire-Anne Aikman, Avon East
Vickie Cosner, Bedford
Stan Comer, Brownsburg
Stephen Bradburn, Franklin
Reba Evans, Brownsburg
Amanda Lavullis, Mooresville
Team Anderson, Avon
Jan Wishart, West
Vinson Abraham, Northeast
Jobea Trefney, Franklin
Johnny Andy Kap, South Meridian
Suzan Gray, Avon 
Alex Oh, Fishers
Deborah Minth, Westfield
LeAnn Ferry, South Meridian
Tiff Atkinson, Northwest
Michael Fisher, North College
Matt Trammel, Brownsburg
Susan Weidner, Zionsville
Michael Dean, Greencastle
Team Boykova, County Line
Bill & Jill Team, Northeast
Debora Graham, Mooresville
Amy Englert, Noblesville
Hazel Cooper, Greenwood
Charlene Brown, South Meridian
Carole Snyder, Plainfield
Phil Ludlow, Lebanon
Cathy Burris, Brownsburg
Susan Garver, County Line
Jeff Bollman, Greencastle
Brenda Ratliff, Bedford
Jim Blankenship, South Meridian
Tommie Hamilton, Brownsburg
Paula Hardin, Noblesville
Susan Hodges, County Line
Shannon Schoolcraft, Martinsville
The Swick Team, County Line
Nadine Coombs, Greenfield
Sandy Thomas, Noblesville
Becky Boles, Anderson
Jim Melson, Brownsburg
Deana Hawkins, Greenwood
Don Whitesell, Greenfield
Maureen Talbott, Noblesville
Debb Cramer, Mooresville
Patrick Wilkins, South Meridian
Reinhard Pollach, North College
The Harting Team, Zionsville
Loris Heck, Carmel
Julianne Jaensson, Noblesville
Judy Bastnagel, Avon West
Janet Stitt, West
Dave Danz, Avon East
Sibylle Walker, West
Yvonne Jenkins, Brownsburg
Dianna Clampitt, Avon
Lisa Hicks, Brownsburg
Shaquenta Purdie, Carmel
Lisa Hubbard, Shelbyville
Michele Allison, Brownsburg
Terry Beasley, Greenwood
Judy Koehler, Fishers
Heald Team, Monrovia
Brandon Warfield, Martinsville
Morris Lucas, County Line
Jeanette Hammel, Brownsburg
Celeste Mariotti, Carmel
Crystal O'Brien, Avon East
Linda West, Shelbyville
Dottie Stapleton, Mooresville
Kelly Cook, Brownsburg
Erin Long, Mooresville
Zach Miller, Noblesville
Jeana Culp, West
Kevin Cothron, Avon
Greg Baker, Noblesville
Donna Robinson, West
Deb Brown, Lebanon
Deanna Jackson, West
John Weliever, South Meridian
LeeAnn Balta, Zionsville
Jennifer Turner, Avon
Costello Spencer Team, East
Andy Hemrick, County Line
Regina Jones, Northwest
Paul Mendenhall, Greenwood
Zach Miller, Noblesville
Patty Morton, Brownsburg
Karen Allen, Greenwood
Katie Rust, Greenwood
Steven Kass, Northwest
Don Krueger, Brownsburg
Dustah Fahs, Mooresville
Phyllis Grubb, Mooresville
Keith Hall, Mooresville
Ted Bitting, Brownsburg
Stephanie Groce, Avon
Reanna Southard, Anderson
Mina Starsiak, North College
Debbie Carder, County Line
Loretta Miller, Carmel
Connie Wilson, North Meridian
Dorothy Stottlemyer, Anderson
Susan Wykoff, Bedford
Josh Kindlesparker, Anderson
Amanda Bell, Zionsville
Donna Strand, Crawfordsville
Tracee Bullock, Greenwood
Kim Stevens, Shelbyville
Pat Terrell, Martinsville
Debby Exner, Plainfield
Carolyn Sabean, Avon
Sarah Hamilton, Martinsville
Garrett Pennington, County Line

And these are our sales and listings leaders for 2014, by office.

South Meridian
Sales Leader - Johnny Andy Kap
Listings Leader - Durrett and Puckett Associates

Sales and Listings Leader - The Rumba Team 

County Line
Sales Leader - Team Boykova
Listings Leader - The Swick Team

Sales and Listings Leader - Team Royale

Sales and Listings Leader - Lisa Hubbard

Sales and Listings Leader - Bill Foxworthy and Jill Turner, The Bill and Jill Team

Sales Leader - Megan Sullivan
Listings Leader - Mark Wishart

Sales and Listing Leader - Nadine Coombs

Sales and Listing Leader - Jada Sparks

Sales and Listing Leader - Paula Hardin

Sales and Listing Leader - Alex Oh

Sales Leader - Susan Weidner
Listings Leader - Grace Colette

Sales and Listings Leader - Jamie Hall

Sales and Listings Leader - Erica Faulkenberg

Sales Leader - Suzan Gray
Listings Leader - Carolyn Sabean

Avon East
Sales and Listings Leader - Claire-Anne Aikman

Sales and Listings Leader - Cali Bridges and Mary Jane Murray

Sales and Listings Leader - Deb Brown

Sales Leader - Debbie Cox
Listings Leader - Dottie Stapleton

Sales Leader - Shannon Schoolcraft
Listings Leader - Sarah Hamilton

Sales and Listing Leader - The Heald Team

Sales Leader - Alice Reynolds
Listings Leader - Steve Hogan

Sales and Listings Leader - Karen Goodwine 

Sales and Listing Leader - Michael Dean 

North Meridian
Sales and Listing Leader - Connie Wilson

Sales and Listing Leader - Jan Wishart 

North College
Sales Leader - Adam Corya
Listing Leader - Reinhard Pollach

Sales and Listing leader - Tiff Atkinson

Sales and Listing Leader - Dale Hammond

Sales Leader - Charlie Sheets
Listings Leader - Alan Schultz

And now, congratulations and thank you to our top rookies of 2014. 

Top Rookie: Alex Oh, Fishers
Jobea Trefney, Franklin
Debb Cramer, Mooresville
The Harting Team, Zionsville
Maureen Talbott, Noblesville
Dusta Fahs, Mooresville
LeeAnn Balta, Zionsville
Jennifer Smith, Avon
Susan Selke, Greenfield
Marcella Scott, Avon
Sarah Hamilton, Martinsville

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