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Making money through referrals in real estate is easy! It's the easiest way to make a commission in real estate!

There's no sense in having your real estate license and not using it. As a member of Carpenter Referrals Incorporated (CRI) you could earn hundreds of dollars in commission without having to invest the time, money or continuing education requirements of a full-time Realtor┬«.

How does that work? Money is waiting to be made by just referring successful leads.

Do you know someone - a friend, past client, business associate - who has a home to sell or is in the market to buy a home? As a Referral Associate with CRI, you can make an introduction to some of the leading real estate experts locally and throughout the world. You may request an active agent who will service the lead or we will help choose the best fit for your client.  CRI will send you email updates throughout the referral process and when the home is bought or sold you will earn a commission.

Get more details - Contact CRI at or call 800-635-4043

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