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QR Codes

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Adopting new technology

Carpenter Realtors® was the first Indiana real estate company to fully incorporate QR Coes in our advertising, making our listings more accessible through more than 150 million smartphones in the U.S.  Chances are that your phone can easily download a QR Code Reader app. Cutting-edge QR code technology allows you to scan the "barcode" with your smartphone and instantly access information on Indiana homes for sale and Indiana real estate agents through videos, virtual property tours, mobile optimized real estate websites, vCards and more.

Carpenter Realtors® - offering technology that makes sense
Whether you're buying an Indianapolis home or have a central indiana home for sale, Carpenter Realtors® is committed to providing you with the in-depth real estate information you want ... when you want it and how you want to receive it.  And we know you want information on-the-go.  That’s exactly how our QR Code program delivers it!

Where QR Codes may be found
Find QR Codes in many applications around Carpenter's homes for sale.  Here's where you might find them:

•  Yardsigns – Some listings offer QR Codes on the yard sign. Instantly, you get mobile access to virtual tours and detailed property information while in front of the home for sale.
•  Property Information Flyers – Grab a flyer. Then click, save and share in-depth details about the home you've just seen. This is instant access to more detailed information  on the property via the mobile optimized web or virtual property tours.
•  Indianapolis Star – From our Sunday Newspaper Ads you can map your open house tour or download detailed information on any of hundreds of that Sunday’s Open Houses for sale.
•  TV Showcase of Homes – You'll get instant, web-based mobile access to detailed information on each of the homes for sale featured during that week's show right then.
•  Call Carpenter for Homes magazine – instantly access information about each of the properties for sale featured in the magazine as well as thousands of other homes for sale.
•  Agent Business Cards and Brochures – Download an agent's contact information (v-Card) directly to your smartphone and Microsoft® Outlook™. You can also instantly connect to your agent’s personal website to learn more.

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