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Career Development Center

The Carpenter Career Development Center is committed to your success in real estate, in developing your real estate career. Carpenter Realtors®' Company Mission Statement promises "maximum value in career opportunity to our personnel." The Career Development Center delivers on that promise by offering programs and training geared to providing our agents a competitive advantage in the market place through knowledge and skill development. Competitive advantage equates to business building and income-producing opportunity. Our professional training is designed to make the best in skill development available to every agent at little or no cost. We realize that each agent who associates with Carpenter Realtors® brings special goals and expectations for their real estate career.  Our job is to empower our associates to realize their unique vision. We are building rewarding real estate careers on a personal level, one successful agent at a time.


At Carpenter Realtors®, our business model is built on teamwork, not on receiving a monthly fee check from you. Nowhere is that more evident than in our training program for agents new to real estate, CareerStart. Each instructor is hand-picked for excellence in that subject matter. Along with their passion for their topic, each instructor brings years of experience and professionalism unmatched in our marketplace. Classes offer hands-on learning with one-on-one support, all geared to help agents attain personal career goals. CareerStart is a three-week program featuring four core models; Carpenter Company, Listing Property, Working with Buyers and Prospecting for Business.

Week 1 - Carpenter Company Model (Compensation, Policies and Procedures, Advertising, Relocation)
Week 2 - Listing Property Module (Listing Presentation, Objection Handling, Markets, Listing Contracts)
Week 3 - Buyers Module (Purchase Agreements, Working with Buyers and Finance)
Week 4 - Prospecting Module (Expired Listings, Telephone Techniques, Farming, For Sale by Owners)


Business Development Partners
Business Development Partners delivers an important part of our CareerStart training.  Trusted vendors take the new agent to a higher level of competence and confidence through teamwork.  The classes are taught by business development partners in finance, title policies, home warranties and inspections.  Each instructor is chosen for their knowledge and professionalism.  The Agent will use the information and partnerships with vendors to build a real estate team.   

Career Development Workshop Series
Recommended for the productive, experienced agent with over one year in the business, the Career Development Workshop Series is an advanced approach to the real estate business. These workshops tap into the expertise of our most successful Associates, Managers and Vendors to take advantage of tried and true techniques for making your real estate business more productive and more profitable. The purpose of the series is to help the experienced agent transition to the next level in their real estate career. The instructors have been selected based on their success utilizing the skills taught.  These
FREE Workshops Include:

  • Taxes Made Simple for the Independent Contractor
  • Money Making Financing 2009
  • Mock Closing
  • Personal Safety
  • HUD Sales Made Simple
  • The 12 Steps of Prospecting for Clients
  • Working Expired Listings for Success
  • The Price is Right & How to Prove It
  • Strategizing Your Response to Inspection
  • Your Road Map to Success: Business Plan

Series Sessions
Price Matters: This two-day workshop that gets deep into the market analysis process with Indiana's best appraiser. We'll begin with concepts, take a look at case studies and develop advanced concepts so you'll price 'em to win.

Interior Life: Two half-day workshops offering hands-on training. Cover vacant properties into desirable commodities with Shannon Roark, Realtor® turned Interior Designer. You can turn your listings into a hot property with a few key tips and without spending a lot of money.

Building Your Online Business: A six-week class designed to teach the real estate professional the fine are of attracting and converting internet leads.

Success Strategies Program
Success Strategies
is a six-week series geared to agents with a minimum of one year in the business who would like to further develop their skills and build professional confidence. Participants will learn tried and true dialogue through classroom instruction and role playing. The program is a "boot camp" approach to prospecting, emphasizing skill development through repeat performance. It features accountability and heavy prospecting using direct mail, prospecting call sessions and neighborhood canvassing.

Technology Training
This training applies a systems approach to your real estate business. These programs will support the Realtor® to greater levels of professionalism and service. All classes provide hands-on training in one of Carpenter's Technology Labs and are designed to improve service delivery and productivity. Classes are offered at our North and South training facilities and are offered at no cost to the associate. Programs currently being offered:

  • PropertyLinx
  • Making PropertyLinx Work for You
  • Personal Promotion with Quantum Mail
  • Utilizing Carpenter Forms
  • Spreadsheet Fundamentals in Excel
  • Organize your Business with Outlook
  • CareerStart Technology Series 

Continuing Education
The Indiana Real Estate Commission requires 16 hours of continuing education for all licensed Salespersons and Brokers for each license renewal period. The Salesperson's renewal period is June 30 of every even numbered year and the Broker's is June 30 of every odd numbered year.  If you are not sure about when your renewal period ends, please check your blue pocket card from the State of Indiana. The Real Estate commission requires 16 total hours of continuing education: six mandatory and ten elective.  The Carpenter Career Development Center offers many opportunities to receive your 16 hours of credit through in-house and outsourced programs.

Information Center
The training department will serve as an information center for all associates regarding any area of education. Information will include GRI classes, CRS classes, continuing education requirements and available offerings. We are developing an updated working library and strive to circulate those materials effectively.

Every Carpenter associate will receive a monthly e-newsletter from the CDC and Advertising Departments. E-tips offers best practices being used by our associates and managers to increase productivity in any market condition. The topics are timely and proactive, adding value through new ideas and tools of the trade. It presents products and advertising tools designed to help you promote yourself effectively.  The messages are e-mailed monthly.

For more information regarding any of our training programs, please e-mail us:

or call us at (317) 573-5464.

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