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As you build your Indiana real estate career, you're in the business of selling Indianapolis homes. And in a still-challenging, yet improving market, every real estate agent is looking for ways to improve his/her business. And every day they get calls from someone selling us the newest tool and program guaranteed to make the phone ring. How fast do you think you can go broke with all those options?


As you consider ways to build or rebuild your business, Carpenter Realtors' Home Marketing System tools, featuring co-op advertising programs, can be available to you at little to no cost. Can you say that with your broker or the one(s) you're considering?


Here’s a quick glance at the free or reduced cost programs that are available to help you market yourself and your listings.


No question, this is the most complete local web site for search, neighborhood statistics and information.

GPS HomeSearch – the easiest to use and coolest of any GPS smartphone program. For buyers, it automatically recognizes your smartphone and shows the nearest listings.

Guided Tour
Our narrated slide show is still produced for every listing at no charge. Sure, it’s a poor man’s virtual tour, but no one else has anything like it on every listing.

The real estate portal for virtually every major newspaper in America, all Carpenter listings are enhanced with priority placement, multiple photos and complete comments. Doing this on your own costs up to $100/month.

Listing Syndication
No one syndicates their listings to more web sites than do we. No one.

Virtual Tours
Always remember that your virtual tour options through Carpenter (esp. OBEO and VisualTour) are co-oped to save you money. With OBEO, we pay up to $30 per tour. With VisualTour, your setup fee is 1/5 what others pay, and your monthly subscription saves you $20+ per month.



Callcarpenter for Homes

As many copies as you want for personal farming are yours. Even if you don’t, be sure to grab a copy and send to your sellers as a proof of performance for our Home Marketing System.

Indy Star Open House ad
You may have noticed, but we’re the only company advertising our open houses in the Sunday Star at our expense (with a photo ad upgrade available). Some may say newspaper circulation has “dramatically dropped off.” We say the paper goes to nearly 300,000 central Indiana homes. Where else can buyers look, in one place, for open houses? Your cost, in the paper, on and at, can be $0.

Indy Star Home of the Day
You can make the phone ring and give your sellers something to talk about with this very affordable main-news display ad that’s valued at $500-$600.

Local Papers
Even with the recession, you can still advertise your listings with photo ads in any local paper. In fact, we’ve been able to reduce many of the costs for those photos. Running your own ad is $30-$50 per ad, compared to $5-$12 for our photo ads.

Local Magazines
Despite other companies cutting and slashing, we’re still here for your listings.



“Just Listed” and “Just Sold” cards

We’ve always paid 100% of the cost of your first 25 cards per listing. A great way to be the successful agent in that neighborhood, or to communicate your success with your phere. You’re saving $25-$30 per listing.

“Farming” cards
With hundreds of design options to choose from, including the ability to load your own personal cards, we’re paying 40% of the cost of up to 200 cards you mail every month. Mail 200 each month to build your business and be remembered by your sphere … and save $45/month.

TV Showcase

Saturday morning, WNDY TV23, YouTube

Who can promote your sellers’ listings on broadcast TV on Saturday morning AND have that uploaded to YouTube? You can, and no one else. Even if they could, $16 ain't their cost for two airings.

Personal Branding


Are you managing your contact lists in one place, and have it available online wherever you are? Are you sending drip email campaigns to those contacts, keeping your name at the top of their mind? Are you utilizing the most complete neighborhood reports for your buyers and sellers? This Top Producer “clone” has all the great tools available with Top Producer, Smarter Agent and more, at no monthly cost to you. That’s $100+ in your pocket every month. Plus, it’s generating calls and listings for those agents using this exclusive Carpenter tool.

Personal Web Sites

How many agents at other brokerages have completely- customizable personal web sites with unlimited content (NOT just a web page or two) and paying nothing for it? This iContact bonus allows you to present yourself in this digital world as a tech leader, not a follower. You do know you’re already getting 150-300 visitors per month on your Carpenter web site, don’t you? Think what you can do with more content and more promotion behind it.

Graphic Design
Quantum cards, custom emails, personal email signatures and letterhead, personal template or custom brochures, ads, flyers, newsletters and more. All custom-designed for you and ready-to-go … at no charge.

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