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7 Steps to a Stress-Free Move

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Throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana, families are relocating every day. If you're one of those families, review our relocation department's Moving Checklist.

1.  Make One Toll Free Call
To Carpenter Relocation Center at 1-800-635-4043 or email.

2.  We Will Help Identify All Your Needs
Moving is stressful.  Moving out of town is more stressful and needs more attention. Let our Relocation Coordinators identify your needs and assist you throughout your entire relocation process. It's complicated, and for you it can be daunting. But we do it every day. Let us help you manage the process. Feel free to fill out our no-obligation Information Request Form.

3.  Your Relocation Specialist
Our staff will match you with a Relocation Specialist who is trained and certified in understanding the needs of relocating individuals and families, and especially you. The Relocation Specialist has a personal commitment to serve you through the entire process of selling your home and getting settled in your new home.

4.  Marketing  Your Home for Sale
Your Relocation Specialist will schedule an appointment to discuss and plan a Marketing Strategy to get your home sold in the shorted amount of time, for the highest price. Carpenter's Home Marketing System is a proven, multi-faceted marketing strategy that helps Carpenter Realtors sell more homes. 

5.  Destination Services
Your Relocation Specialist also helps as you settle into your new home. Your specialist can provide you with a Welcome Package and extensive information on all aspects of your new location before you ever leave home. For your new hometown, your specialist will coordinate an area overview and schedule showings of homes for sale, to make your new home search as efficient and productive as possible.

6.  Closing
Your dedicated specialist will coordinate all necessary appointments and paperwork to successfully complete the closing on your home. Your specialist will attend each closing so you can rest assured all details have been handled.

7.  Making the Move
Our Relocation Staff can assist you with contacting van lines and securing the best pricing for the movement of your household goods. Our volume pricing can benefit you.

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